Experimental Condensed Matter Physics

Prof. Vladimir Krasnov is leading the Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Group at Stockholm University from February 2005. The research in the group is focused at the study of mesoscopic phenomena in condensed matter physics with emphasis on superconductivity, magnetism and nanotechnology.

Current research projects:
* THz applications of superconducting tunnel (Josephson) junctions;
* Study of hybrid superconductor/ferromagnet devices for spintronic applications (specifically for cryogenic memory);
* Vortices in Josephson junctions;
* Intrinsic tunneling spectroscopy of high temperature superconductors;
* Analysis of non-equilibrium phenomena in Josephson junctions.
(For more details see "Research" and "Publications")

Methodology and experimental techniques

Nano-Fab clean room: We make our samples using advanced sample engineering and micro/nano-fabrication in the clean-room environment. Nano-fabrication is usually performed in the Nano-Fab Lab, a joint SU-KTH facility, located here at AlbaNova University Center.

Low-temperature lab: Measurements are performed in the Low-T lab, containing various cryogen-free cryostats for measurements at temperatures 0.25-300 K, high magnetic fields (up to 17T) and high (THz) frequencies. For more details see "Experimental facilities".

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